Challenge Accepted!

If you’re someone who, like me, wanders aimlessly across the internet, often when you really shouldn’t be, no doubt you have come across different websites that present lists of reading challenges for 2016.  I myself found at least three (from PopSugar, Book Riot, and Modern Mrs. Darcy), with each offering some pretty interesting ways to stretch my usual fare of old dead English writers.  There are some nuances (read a book you haven’t read since high school vs. a book you should have read in high school), but I figured I needed a challenge.  Because taking another class and trying to write a thesis isn’t enough, right?


Since I liked all three of the lists I found, I decided to combine them all into one document so that I can just print it out and go, and now I present it to you.

The Honest Reader's Reading Challenge 1

The Honest Reader's Reading Challenge 2It’s a long list (63!!!), but it’s also only January and I think I’ve got at least two of these checked off.  Plus, I figure if there’s a book that covers two or three different challenges, that’s okay.  Many thanks to all three websites that made these awesome suggestions.  Now I’m off to try to read some more!

Check out The Honest Reader 2016 Challenge pdf here: The Honest Reader’s Reading Challenge

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