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Quick Update

Look at the pretty cover art!  Look at it!

Look at the pretty cover art! Look at it!

Well, I’m now utilizing this fine blog to remind everyone of the awesomeness of the Raven Cycle because Blue Lily, Lily Blue is coming SOON! (October 21st, for anyone who doesn’t already have it marked on the calendar.) After all, who doesn’t want to know what happens to everyone, and especially Ronan Lynch (my personal favorite at this moment in time, although Gansey gives him a pretty good run for his money…). If you need a reminder of how much I love, love, LOVE The Dream Thieves, check out the review here.  And be sure to check out your local indie for preorders (or check out Fountain Bookstore, where you can get in line for a preorder of an autographed copy of Blue Lily, Lily Blue).

And now I’m going to return to required graduate reading (blergh).  Or maybe I’ll just reread Raven Boys.  (Check back to see just how successful I was at completing assigned work…)